Gold Bars

Atkinsons Coins and Bullion supplies gold bars of all sizes. We offer a wide range of bars from 1 gram to 250 grams to suit our customers’ needs. Gold has been highly precious and an expensive commodity since time immemorial. The gold bars for sale with us are of exceptional quality and craftsmanship so you as our customer don’t have to sacrifice on good quality.


We have been operating in the UK gold bullion market for 20 years now. Our proprietor Mr. Paul Atkinson alone has been in this business for more than 30 years. With our expertise you are assured to get best deals and easily buy gold online irrespective of whether you are a small time buyer or an experienced bullion buyer. We are committed to our customers’ online safety and privacy, hence buying gold bars online from our site is absolutely safe and sound. We provide a 100% secure online ordering system so that the gold bullions you buy are safely delivered at your door step anywhere in the UK. What’s more, delivery is totally free and fully insured. The smaller gold bars could serve as collectibles, gifts or investment options and the larger ones are definitely worth investing if you want to pay the lowest premium.


The concept behind a gold bullion bar is that when you buy a gold bar, you pay for the gold content in it as well as a small premium for its making charges. So, larger the gold bar that you buy, lesser is the premium that you pay over the spot price of gold. We also provide a confident and discreet service based upon the customer’s choice. Our gold bullion bars are available in varied sizes so that the investors can expect to see more choices when buying gold bars.


Tax-free gold coins and bars are also available with us, which include Heraeus gold Bars of various weights, Perth Mint gold bars and Metalor gold bars weighing up to 1 kilo.


To get detailed information of the best gold bars in UK that we sell, click on the gold bar of your choice to find out more about its weight, content, fineness etc. from the descriptions. Also be sure to check out our various other offerings like gold coins, silver coins and silver bars that come with our seal of approval.


Other features like free delivery, special offers and VAT free information are also included in the product description page. Customers can even compare prices to suit their needs and make a cost-effective purchase without a hint of worry. Investing in our gold bullion bars is definitely a smart and safe move that could turn into a worthwhile investment for you in the long run.


Visit our gold bars page to see the available options and feel free to get any related queries clarified by calling 0121 355 0620, press 1 for the Bullion desk and speaking to our team. You can also email or chat with our representatives.

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