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The Scottsdale Mint has expanded it’s range from traditional silver bullion coins and bars, to a Gold Bar range, that features innovative certi-lock authenticity packaging. Making it easy to check the authenticity of each gold bar.

Smart Packaging 

Each Certi-Lock card contains synthetic DNA that can be verified by an authorised dealer with a special on-site electronic device.

On top of this technology, each bar is Tamper Evident, sealed in a special frangible material that visually changes appearance when tampered with.

The Certi-Lock App

Each bar has an Encrypted Barcode with Hidden layers of data stored inside, that can only be read by the free Certi-Lock app.

The Smart phone App can be used to scan and access 2 levels of verification of the precious metal, giving secured access to pictures of each bar, taken at the time it was packaged.

To download the app, simply visit www.certi-lock.com or visit the app store and search certi-lock.

Scottsdale Mint Gold Bars

The .9999 fine gold bars are beautiful, sleek, and incorporate a clean design.  

The obverse of each bar features the iconic Scottsdale Mint Lion while the reverse features the crossed flags of the USA and Switzerland, signifying the partnership of this line of gold products between the American precious metals company Scottsdale Mint and the Swiss-based precious metals company and LBMA member, Argor-Heraeus.  

The bars are available in five sizes, 1g2g5g10g, and 1oz, each of Scottsdale Mint's co-branded gold bars can only be purchased in Scottsdale Mint's unique-to-the-industry high-end Certi-Lock® packaging.  

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