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This morning has been quiet for gold, with prices slightly weakening by around 0.04%, at £958.620 at 10am this morning from Friday’s £959.010. Precious metals as a whole appear to be on the back foot, due to reduced safe haven demand amid the easing political tension in the Korean Peninsula.

It’s been a long time since we used Pounds, Shillings and Pennies. Sadly, I remember all too well that just as I had gotten to grips with LSD (the old terminology for Sterling, not the 1960’s drug of choice) it was all changed to decimalisation and that meant a whole new way of doing things. So, Sterling is the topic of my ramblings today and how its current volatility is causing price changes in our favourite precious metals, gold and silver.

Last week we saw gold move between a high of £960 and a low of £937, ending the week just shy of the average at around £946. Today, we are seeing the live price moving around the £940 mark… Not quite what we may have expected following the events of the weekend.

In the last 7 days, we have seen the price of gold go on a little rollercoaster ride, reaching highs of £957 on Wednesday and lows of £942 so far today. This dip could well be as a result of the dollar firming due to the potential of easing tensions between the US and North Korea.

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