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A group of amateur treasure hunters have discovered a hoard of more than 550 rare gold and silver coins in Buckinghamshire. The exciting find has been dubbed the ‘Hambleden Hoard’ and is reported to be the largest gold and silver collection found in the UK for around a decade.

A Miracle Moment

The group of four metal detectorists were taking part in an organised rally, held in a field near Hambleden in Warwickshire, and were moving from one spot to another when their detectors signalled that they may have found something. They were excited to initially discover twelve beautifully decorated silver coins from the time of Edward I and Edward II. However, after digging a little deeper over the next few days, they discovered even more coins, including twelve ultra-rare gold Noble coins dating from the time of the Black Death.

When news of the discovery first broke, the group of men had to fight off competition from other detectors in the area, and even took to camping out in tents to protect their hoard as they continued the search.

What a Find!

Over the course of four days of hard work digging in the earth (I’m sure it was worth it!), the team gradually unearthed a total of 545 full silver coins, a few fragments, and twelve gold nobles. Experts suspect that the Hambleden Hoard may have been stashed in the location for safekeeping over 600 years ago.

The 545 silver coins are all reported to originate from the reign of Edward I and II, dated between 1272 to 1327, and are a mix of mintages from Birmingham, Ireland, Scotland and Lincoln. Each coin, depending on the rarity of the coin, could be worth between £20 and £50, but some could be worth around £500 each.

The 12 rare gold Nobles are from the reign of Edward III until 1377 and may be worth around £10,000 each due to their gold content and historical value.

What Happens Now?

The hoard is currently being held for safekeeping in a museum and will be officially evaluated and sold. The proceeds of the sale of the coins will then be divided between the four men, as well as the landowner. The total hoard has an estimated value of around £150,000 and is one of the largest found in the UK for around ten years. Not bad for four days work, huh?

I do still hear stories of some gold and silver stackers who still bury their precious coins and bars in their back gardens today to protect against theft and fire. I wonder how many ‘hoards’ will be unearthed hundreds of years in the future from these possible long forgotten stacks?

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