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After the huge popularity of the gold and silver ten-coin ‘Queen’s Beasts’ range, the task of following this up was never going to be an easy one. However, The Royal Mint’s newest offering delves into the UK’s myths and legends, starting with Robin Hood.

Myths & Legends

The Royal Mint has launched the new bullion coin range entitled ‘Myths and Legends’, inspired by Britain’s rich past of stories and storytellers.

The first release features the famous fictional outlaw, Robin Hood. An obvious choice for a Myths and Legends series, Robin of Locksley is considered one of the best-known figures of English folklore, whose legendary stories have been told for centuries.

According to legend, Robin Hood was a skilled archer and swordsman, sometimes depicted as being of noble birth, and typically dressed in green. Known for stealing from the rich to give to the poor, many retellings and variations of the Robin Hood legend exist. The first reference to the character appears during poems and ballads from the fourteenth and fifteenth century, and his story continues to be represented in film, television, and literature.

The Robin Hood Coin

Available to order now here in 999.0 Fine Silver, the new 2021 Robin Hood coin launches the new Myths and Legends series perfectly. An ounce in weight, the coin features some beautifully designed artwork.

The coin features a detailed design showing the legendary figure of Robin Hood standing amongst the trees of Sherwood Forest with his longbow drawn back. The backdrop has a special micro-dot table texture for added security. Details of the coin's weight, fineness and year-date are also shown, circled around the centre design.

The obverse of the coin bears the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, set on a micro-dot background design, and the monetary denomination of 2 Pounds.

Invest in A legend Of British Folklore

The next coins in the range to look out for in future will be other characters associated with Robin Hood, his lover Maid Marian, and Little John from his band of outlaws the Merry Men. We look forward to seeing the other surprises that may follow from here!

A possible continuation of the momentum started by the popularity of the Queen’s Beasts coins, the Myths and Legends series could be a great one. With the fine design, craftmanship, and security associated with products from The Royal Mint, these new coins are set to be popular and collectible.

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