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The Royal Mint has produced a ten-kilo Queen’s Beasts gold coin, the largest and heaviest coin in the mint’s 1,100-year history. Only one of these ‘masterwork’ coins was made and has reportedly been sold to a mystery buyer.

A Masterwork

On April 29th, The Royal Mint unveiled their latest piece described as a ‘Masterwork’ – a new series of larger one-of-a-kind pieces made for collectors using both innovative technology and traditional skills. The piece produced was a large gold coin measuring 20cm wide and 10kg in weight.

The coin was struck in gold by a team of master craftspeople and is reported to have taken around 400 hours to produce. The process began using modern minting techniques, with engraving machines used to cut the design onto the coin. A more traditional method was then used, as a master toolmaker then hand-worked the coin to remove any marks made by the cutting process. Following this, the coin underwent four days of polishing, and was then laser frosted to give a matt finish to perfectly showcase the coin’s detailed design.

Queen’s Beasts

The gold coin was struck to mark the conclusion of the Queen’s Beasts coin collection, the highly popular series which started in 2016. The range celebrates the British Monarchy and the centuries of fascinating heraldry that has been a part of their story, taking inspiration from the ten statues that lined the route to the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Each coin in the Queen’s Beasts coin collection has showcased the history and symbolism of these creatures.

The design of this coin features all ten Beasts arranged in a protective circle around HRH The Queen. This is the only design in the Queen’s Beasts series to unite all ten beasts with the monarch whose heritage they represent, in one unique design. The 10-kilo coin also features a monetary denomination of a whopping £10,000.

The Completer

Collectors of the Queen’s Beasts series of coins looking to complete their collection can do so with the new ‘Completer’ coin. Currently available to order as a 1oz gold coin; a silver version as well as other sizes will be available to order soon (watch this space).

Featuring the same detailed design as the huge ‘masterwork’ coin, this new coin reunites all ten beasts from the series presented together in one special design. The 2021 UK Queen’s Beasts Completer Coin certainly marks the conclusion of the Queen’s Beasts series in perfect style.

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