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The commodities that are in stiff competition with one another in 2022 are gold and crypto. Gold has historically been a safe haven among the asset class compared with crypto. With the emergence of crypto over the past decade, it has quickly become a commodity that investors have invested in. Gold and crypto have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to investing in those commodities. But, which is the best investment?

Following the ‘Queen’s beasts’ series, one of the most popular and admired coin series in recent years, The Royal Mint is back with another exciting addition to their collectable bullion coin range, this time focusing on the ‘Royal Tudor Beasts’; with the first release being the Lion of England coin.

Historically one of the oldest financial tools, gold and silver have grown in prominence in recent years, with a notably large uptick in new investors attracted to the buying of precious metals to protect their financial future. Previously popular with older investors, physical gold and silver now appear to be spreading their allure to a younger, more technology friendly generation. In this article, we will look at the rise of precious metals in modern markets.

The price of gold experienced a calm week last week, before going out with a bang on Friday, on the back of further concerning news surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the midst of rising geopolitical uncertainty and fears of recession, can investors expect the precious metal to hit the $2,500 per ounce mark by year-end?

The value of gold has been ingrained within human civilisation for thousands of years, with this precious metal long being the number one choice for currency. However, over time, misconceptions have developed around the realities of investing in this most precious of metals, with many believing it is difficult to buy, or only an option for the wealthy. To help investors separate fact from fiction, here we will debunk some of the most common myths around gold bullion investment.

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