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‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Well, the big day is just over a week away, and most of us will be celebrating with the giving and receiving of gifts with loved ones. Whether you’re religious or not, most of us know the story of the very first Christmas, with many variations of the nativity scene on show in households all over the world. All will feature Jesus in the manger, and Mary and Joseph looking on adoringly, along with three visitors who came bearing gifts – frankincense, myrrh, and of course, gold.

We Three Kings

From the stories in the Bible, as well as the Christmas carol ‘We Three Kings’; the story of the Three Wise Men has been told for centuries. The story begins with the men following the star to the stable in Bethlehem to honour the new-born Jesus Christ, whom they have been told in a dream will be the saviour of humanity.

Although they are called the 'Three Kings', the Bible does not state how many there were, or that they were even kings, but due to depictions in art and the fact that three gifts were mentioned, it has become popularly assumed that there were three of these Wise Men. Also referred to as the ‘Magi’ it is widely accepted that these would have been men of great learning and wealth, who were most likely held in high esteem in society.

The Gift of Gold

The story of the Three Wise Men is most likely the reason we have the tradition of giving gifts during Christmas. I’m sure we all know the three gifts that were given – but, there’s only one of those I am familiar with…

Frankincense – an aromatic gum resin which is burnt as incense

Myrrh – a fragrant gum resin used in medicines

Gold – well, I think we all know what that is!

The gift of gold was thought to have been chosen by the magi for spiritual reasons, as well as due to the honour and status implied by gold. Did the wise men give Jesus gold bars, gold jewellery, or gold coins? No description is given. However, we do know the power and value of our favourite precious metal in any form. Gold has always been widely respected and loved throughout the history of human civilisation and remains just as valued today.

The fact that gold was given as a gift in this, one of the most famous and beloved stories of all time, shows that giving the gift of gold is to display respect and value. Gold is seen by many as an investment for the future, as a safe haven against risk – why not pass that investment to a loved one? Or for yourself?

Just as the Three Wise Men in the story came bearing gifts of gold to Jesus, the gift of gold is a gift worthy of Kings. Gold’s beauty, it’s shine, it’s durability, and it’s constant source of value have always made it something truly precious to behold.

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For those wise enough to invest in gold and silver you will be blessed in 2019

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