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The US Fed Chair Janet Yellen has hinted at the possibility of a rise in US interest rates. Could this have implications for the precious metal gold?

Valentine's day has led us to explore the 'Love Trade' for gold. What is it and what can drive it?

Silver is currently outperforming gold, but is the current gold-to-silver ratio set to last?

Gold has experienced a decrease in price this morning, following a recent 3-month high. We take a look at the economic conditions that can affect the investment for this precious metal.

How long could the current gold rally last? What factors are influencing investors to increase demand for this precious metal?

Political upheaval appears to be having a positive effect for silver, as the precious metal experiences a 3-month high.

Gold experiences a 3 month high, as political uncertainties continue to shake the world.

With valentines day on the horizon, we explore some of the top reasons to love gold.

India is one of the world's largest consumers of gold bullion. However, with gold currently being muted, how will this impact the precious metal both in India and on the world stage?

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