Dispatch may take up to 14 working days*. For more info, please see our update here

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We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the orders you have and are still placing with us.  The owners and all the members of staff are deeply grateful for the trust and faith you have put in us. As any of our existing clients will tell you , we never let anyone down. 

The current volume of orders has never been seen before.  This means we have to ask for your patience in the time it takes to deliver your goods to you. 

We have extra resources in our dispatch center,  but with social distancing and insurance limits,  we can only ship a certain number and value of parcels every day. The values and insurance levels are under constant review to ensure we can manage the situation efficiently.  However, as the order levels continue to increase,  we have no option but to lengthen the POSSIBLE time it may take to dispatch your order. We will always manage your expectations and hopefully deliver earlier , but if these levels do continue then the lead time may take 14 working days to dispatch your item to you.

The purpose of this note is to be open and explain where we are.  Your orders are safe with us and all the orders have product assigned to them.   The backlog is simply a volume issue where we pack as many parcels every day as we possibly can. 

We must also respectfully ask that you do not contact us to request dispatch information – you will receive a shipping email on the day your parcel has been shipped and is on its way to you. Replying to these requests unfortunately takes time away from packing your parcels and dealing with the goods inbound.

We hope to resume our usual delivery timescales as soon as possible. Every day the team are doing everything in our power to continue to provide you with our usual excellent service, and every effort is being made to get your gold and silver to you as quickly as we are able!

Thank you for your patience.


*14 working days is an estimation and refers only to products that are in stock and available for dispatch. Other items may have a longer despatch date, these will be advised on the individual product.

For updates on current Royal Mail delivery times, please see the Royal Mail website.


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