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While we all delve deeply into the articulate and honest argument regarding Brexit or Bremain (I will now remove my tongue from firmly against my cheek) please don’t lose sight of the reason we all look at and invest in Precious Metals.

To Buy or Not to Buy? That is the real question.

The whole In/Out Vote is a prime example of the reasonable argument for a holding of Precious Metals in your investment portfolio. One of the prime reasons is uncertainty. A situation we all find ourselves in right now, extreme uncertainty.

Neither side knows what will happen if we leave and neither can be certain of the consequences of staying in either. We can but guess. The one thing we can do is to protect ourselves against some of that uncertainty.

Protection from Uncertanty

Now you will never hear an argument for selling the house, buying a tent and moving all the proceeds into Precious Metals, however an argument for a reasonable amount of your gross wealth, safely deposited in the physical Precious Metals surely cannot be a bad thing.

Whilst the pound dances a merry dance, up one minute, down the next, our grams or ounces of gold stay firmly as they are. Hard, solid, tangible never deteriorating, never changing, always as they were when God let them leave his fine earth. Portable and easily exchangeable, recognised in every corner of the world and acknowledged everywhere as real currency.

If, as the saying goes, the stuff ever did hit the fan, I want to be the guy standing with a pocket full of clinking gold and silver coins rather than the guy with folds of paper with pretty pictures of long since gone Presidents or poets. Whilst I negotiate a rate for a safe place to stay, some warm food and the company of some like minded people, I am sure he could use the paper for something- maybe start a fire to keep him warm.

But seriously, what will be, will be. We will stay or go?

That is to be decided on the 23rd.

The consequences are unknown, the effect on our currency a two way bet, the insurance is and can be in your hands.


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