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To the sound of “Engerland, Engerland” we all returned to work this morning in the full knowledge that the England world cup team are world champions. Oh, what do you mean they are not? Oh, it was that famous and fabulously talented team from Panama that they defeated yesterday by 6-1. So, Belgium, Brazil, (probably not Argentina), Germany, and France still to come eh? Well that puts a slightly different aspect on things…

The first word that usually comes to mind when thinking of gold is ‘valuable’. Looking at it subjectively, other than looking pretty, gold seemingly has no utility. Gold doesn’t produce earnings or dividends, it has no intrinsic value other than the value that us humans have attached to it. And yet a single ounce of gold currently sells for almost £1000. So, what is it that makes gold so valuable?

Gold coins minted in the UK have long proved a popular choice, appealing to both bullion investors as well as collectors. UK gold coins such as the Royal Mint’s flagship coin, the Sovereign, as well as the Britannia have remained amongst the most widely traded gold bullion coins for many years. But what makes them so appealing?

Looks Like Fun to Me! Well it may just be that the fun is beginning to start again! By that I mean we could well have seen the start of the next, post Greek- European pot boiling over. ‘Mamma Mia’ is the expression our Italian friends use to describe their frustrations and their disappointments - you have to try it with an Italian accent and lots of hand expressions. There are a lot of ‘Mammas’ going ‘Mia’ in Italy this week!

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