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There has been a golden discovery on the famous Australian Gold Coast! Find out who really is 'Surfing in Paradise!'

Are the precious metals receiving mixed signals?

The 29th March 2017 has arrived. This can only mean one thing- Article 50!

A coin worth over £4m has been stolen from the Bode Museum in Berlin!

The political stage seems to be heating up..... Trump's new healthcare proposals have been rejected and May and Sturgeon are due to meet face-to-face! How are the precious metals coping?

We share our Top 10 reasons to love the precious metal silver!

In 2015, a very exciting discovery was made in Buckinghamshire which changed a man’s life forever…….

Check out our golden fact file to discover more about the precious metal gold.

Illegal gold mining seems to be on the rise in the South Island of New Zealand. What measures are being put into place to combat this criminality?

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