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Christmas is on the horizon and we can’t wait! We enjoy the Christmas festivities as much as the next person, but the start of Christmas adverts etc. does seem to start earlier and earlier each year. Fear not, the subject of today’s blog is not Christmas, but another event that is just on the horizon.

The European Central Bank released a paper earlier this month, that suggests the deposit protection scheme is no longer needed.

We always love a good story here at Atkinsons. We like to hear of success, prosperity and that the fruits of someone’s hard-work have paid off. At the same time, we like to look from a distance at things we may not fully understand and perhaps see the patterns and familiarities of history repeating itself.

We here at Atkinsons we never really prescribe to the philosophy of “Follow the Leader”. It always seems a good idea to us to try and keep an open mind and perhaps look for the contrary opinion to balance your thoughts. We believe it is important for everyone to think for themselves and not to rely on others for instruction or direction, but like all things that happen in life, it is often the blindingly obvious, right in front of your eyes which you should not ignore.

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