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After over 30 years serving our customers in Sutton Coldfield, we have now announced the upcoming closure of our retail jewellery store, Atkinsons The Jewellers.

Our closing down sale starts on Saturday 27th November at 10am in the Gracechurch centre.  Please feel free to pop in and grab a once-in-a-lifetime offer of 50% off the retail price of all our jewellery (rings, bracelets, pendants – everything) in store!

This closure applies to Atkinsons the Jewellers store only – the Atkinsons Bullion and Coins side of the business is completely separate, remains unaffected, and will remain open via our online platform.

The future looks bright for Atkinsons! We will now be putting all our focus and energies into Atkinsons Bullion and Coins, and hope to see it go from strength to strength as we continue our mission to be the UK’s premium online retailer of bullion & coins.

We thank you for your ongoing support! We look to seeing our loyal customers before the store closes for the last time in the New Year.

- The Atkinsons Team


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Hi Ben,

Thank you for your kind comments. The jewellery shop is closing due to strategic business reasons, so we may concentrate on our other business interests, particularly online with Atkinsons Bullion & Coins. We are looking forward to the future!

A very Merry Christmas from all the Atkinsons team.
Wishing you all the best with your new venture - Sorry to hear about your store closing, but I am still very grateful that we can all get interesting, beautiful, excellent proof + fantastic bullion coins from all around the world.

I hope that you all have a Very Merry Christmas,

Thankyou very much & take care,


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