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Gold and silver have long been popular choices with investors and collectors thanks to their availability and relative safety as an investment. The spot price of gold, in particular, grew dramatically during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, leading to many new investors choosing to invest in the precious metal.

When it comes to buying bullion, there are a couple of options. You could opt for a gold bar, a heavier way to invest in gold, or you could purchase several gold coins, the more popular way to begin your gold collection. 

But which are the best coins to buy in 2022? Our latest guide lists the top ten coins to collect next year.

2022 UK Britannia 1oz Gold Coin 

The 1oz UK Britannia coin was originally pressed in 1987. Since then, it has gone on to become one of the world’s most traded bullion coins and the 2022 version is a must-have for collectors. Like Sovereign coins, Britannias are legal tender in the UK so are exempt from both VAT and capital gain tax, making them an excellent investment for UK residents.

The brand new 2022 UK Britannia gold coin features the instantly recognisable portrait of Britannia by Philip Nathan. These latest coins also come with enhanced safety features to prevent counterfeiting, thus protecting their value. 

2022 UK Britannia 1oz Silver Coin

The silver version of the popular Britannia coin was first produced by the Royal Mint in 1997, some 10 years after its gold counterpart. A popular choice with investors, as legal tender the Silver Britannia Coin is also exempt from CGT. Ground-breaking technology like a laser engraved wave pattern and latent image marker make the 2022 version harder than ever to fake. 

South African Krugerrand 1oz Gold Coin

Krugerrand coins have been produced by the South African mint since 1967 and have a rich history behind them. An essential for any collection, Krugerrand coins are regarded as the first bullion coins to have not featured a currency denomination and been mass-produced. Originally, South African Krugerrand coins were designed for a hard-working population who wanted to preserve their life savings in gold.

The 2022 gold krugerrand coin is due for release in January.

UK Gold Sovereign Coin

Gold Sovereign Coins from the UK have a long and rich history, dating back to 1817. The Royal Mint’s flagship coin has remained popular ever since and is now one of the most recognisable coins in the world. Due to their compact size, UK tax exemptions and availability, UK Gold Sovereign coins are some of our most popular gold coins. 

The new 2022 Sovereign is due for release in January, and is rumoured to feature a brand new design in honour of Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

1oz American Eagle Gold Coin Type II

The original American Eagle Gold coin was released by the US Mint in 1986. Its design remained unchanged until 2021 when the artist Jenny Norris’ creation that features a close up of the iconic bald eagle was included. On the reverse, you’ll find Lady Liberty in all her glory.

The new Type II American Eagle coins are fully guaranteed by the US government and contain 1oz of fine gold. 

Canadian Maple 1oz Silver Coin

Originally struck in 1988, Canadian Silver Maple coins are incredibly popular with silver coin collectors and investors. The 2021 version features the iconic Maple leaf on one side with a light-diffracting radial line background. On the other, the classic portrait of Queen Elizabeth, monetary value and date.

The 2021 Canadian Maple silver coin is made with special security features to preservice its value and weighs 1oz with guaranteed 999.9 silver. The 2022 version of the coin is due for release very soon!

UK Queen's Beasts Completer 1oz Gold Coin

To mark the conclusion of the Queen’s Beast coin series, the 2021 pressing features a special design that depicts all ten beasts circled around HRH The Queen. This completer coin is the only one to feature all beasts within the same design and features a larger portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the reverse.

The UK Queen’s Beasts Completer coin has a monetary value of £100 and was designed by Jody Clark, a British coin designer who famously created the latest portrait of HRH used on coins in circulation.

UK Queen's Beasts Completer 2oz Silver Coin

Another of the Queen’s Beasts series designed by Jody Clark, the 2oz Silver Coin features a similar design to the gold version. On it, the ten beasts circle Queen Elizabeth as a symbol of the series' completion. This is the only silver coin in the series to depict all ten beasts. 

As with the gold version, the reverse of the Queen’s Beast Completer Silver Coin features a portrait of HRH, along with the Royal Mint seal and monetary value (£5).

2022 UK Maid Marian 1oz Gold Coin

The Royal Mint's new 'Myths and Legends' range began in 2021, inspired by British myths and legends and tales from folklore. The first release featured Robin Hood, with the latest in the range featuring Maid Marian.

Each coin features beautifully detailed designs, with cutting-edge micro-dot texture for added security. There is no doubt that any future designs added to the Myths and Legends range of coins in 2022 will be just as popular as the first two, and the full collection will be highly desirable.

2022 Australian Lunar Tiger 1oz Silver Coin

To accompany the beautiful Lunar Tiger Gold Coin, Perth Mint also released a Lunar Tiger Silver Coin to commemorate the Chinese Year of the Tiger. The design on the silver variation features a tiger and cub navigating rocky terrain along with the ‘Tiger 2022’ inscription, Perth Mint’s mark and monetary value (AUD 1).

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