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Next week will see the release of the 2021 UK Britannia Coins, in both gold and silver, for pre-order.

The Britannia is a famous British bullion coin, exclusively minted by the Royal Mint since 1987 and is extremely popular with both investors and collectors. However, this year’s coin features some exciting new changes! The 2021 coin keeps Philip Nathan’s famous Britannia, yet it also features some new hi-tech alterations, adding both security and beauty to the original design.

History of the Britannia Coin

The Gold Britannia coin came about due to demand for a one-ounce British gold bullion coin that could compete with the already popular South African Krugerrand, Canadian Maple and the American Eagle gold coins. Philip Nathan’s now iconic ‘Standing Britannia’ design was selected from the 52 designs submitted by the judging panel at the Royal Mint and chosen to grace the reverse of the coin.

When launched in 1987, the Britannia was produced in 91.6% gold, alloyed with other metals. In 2013, the fineness of the Britannia increased to 999.9 (24ct) gold. Silver Britannia coins were minted from 1997 onwards (the first year released only as a proof coin) and were minted in ‘Britannia Silver’ (958.0 purity). From 2013 onwards, the silver 1oz coins have been minted in 999.0 silver.

Although there have been a number of different Britannia designs for the coins since 1997, the iconic standing Britannia design by Philip Nathan is the one that appears most often.

The NEW 2021 Britannia

The reverse of the new 2021 coin features the iconic Britannia design by sculptor Philip Nathan, but with some exciting new tweaks added. The Royal Mint has used specialist high-tech lasers to add layers of new security features for this year’s coin, including:

  • A latent image. Acting like a hologram, when seen from different angles this image changes from a trident to a padlock.
  • Micro text. An inscription reading ‘DECUS ET TUTAMEN’ which translates to ‘an ornament and a safeguard’ surrounds the figure of Britannia.
  • Surface animation. An illusion of waves rolling behind the figure of Britannia appear to come to life as the coin is rotated, adding beautiful detail and extra security.
  • Tincture lines. Another detail added to reinforce security, these lines appear on the Union Flag upon the shield of Britannia, depicting colour and pattern.

The resulting coin is both inspired and practical. The extra security features will no doubt make the 2021 Britannia one of the most visually secure coins in the world, giving the owner confidence that they have a genuine gold product by simply rotating the coin in their hand in the light.

These new details not only add a practical solution to counterfeiting, but also enhance the beauty of the classic Britannia design. The added special effects, such as the movement of the waves seen in the background of the new coin, add extra interest and detail, using light and the natural reflection of the metal to create a spectacular effect.

Tax Exemptions on the Britannia

Along with the gold UK Sovereign coin, Britannia gold coins are exempt from VAT throughout Europe, and are also exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for UK investors, as the Britannia is a legal tender coin and sterling currency.

Britannia for Both Investors & Collectors

Britannia gold bullion coins have the advantage of allowing investors portable wealth; they are instantly recognisable as an item of value, easily exchanged for services and goods almost anywhere in the world and can easily be transported in small amounts.

The Britannia coin is one of the Royal Mint’s most iconic enduring coins, and the addition of new sophisticated anti-counterfeit measures and design to the 2021 coin will undoubtedly make it even more appealing to investors and collectors alike.

Be one of the first to own the 2021 Britannia! This new coin will be available to pre-order here at Atkinsons from Monday October 12th, 2020. Watch this space!

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