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With all the doom and gloom that seems to be filling the headlines at the moment, it’s nice to hear some good news, so we thought we’d start the week on a light note.

We’ve read reports that last week, crews reportedly preparing to demolish a theatre in Italy, quite literally struck gold!

Striking Gold

The Cressoni Theater is situated in Como, north of Milan, and opened in 1807 before transitioning into a cinema and eventually closing its doors in 1997. Crews were working on the site of the old theatre last week, which was apparently due to be demolished to make room for modern luxury residences, when they discovered treasure - a jar filled with hundreds of ancient Roman gold coins.

Unearthed in the basement of the theatre, the gold coins appear to date back to the fifth century AD - late Roman Imperial era - and, in true gold style, appear to be perfectly preserved after all these years.

The Italian Culture department tweeted photographs on Friday, which show the gold coins glittering through a crack of the ancient soapstone jar. 


The discovery of these ancient gold coins has been reported in the Italian media, and it is suggested they could possibly be worth millions of Euros. However, no exact value has been placed on the coins as yet. The treasure has been transferred to a restoration laboratory, where archaeologists can examine them more closely.

The site of this latest exciting find is close to the Novum Comum forum area, where other important Roman artefacts have previously been found. That area appears to be proving a real hot spot for buried treasure!

Work at the theatre site has now been suspended to allow for further excavations, and archaeologists reportedly believe that the site could even contain jewellery and gold ingots.

Stories like this certainly make us think about taking up metal detecting!

Who knows what we might find?

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