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This week sees the release of the 2020 UK Britannia Coins, in both gold and silver, for pre-order. The Britannia is a famous British bullion coin, exclusively minted by the Royal Mint in gold since 1987 and in silver since 1997. Since it was launched in 1987 as the first European investment coin, the Britannia has become extremely popular with both investors and collectors. But who is the strong yet graceful Britannia, who so beautifully graces the reverse of these coins? What is the allure of this popular British coin?

Civilisations all across the world have coveted and revered gold for as long as records have existed. This most precious and useful of metals features unique properties, and it is thanks to these that make it a top choice for a wide variety of industries. In this blog, we take a look at some of the many uses for gold today.

The gold price has risen by around 50% in the last ten years, and some experts believe we could possibly see our favourite precious metal soar to new heights over the next couple of years. Could we really see gold hit that magic $2,000 mark?

Are gold and silver a good investment? Everyone has their own reasons for looking to invest in precious metals, the most powerful reason being they are well known for holding their value over time - especially in times of economic uncertainty. Here are five top reasons why many investors choose gold and silver:

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