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The spot price of gold has enjoyed a massive record-breaking upturn during 2019, largely boosted by the failure of the UK government to deliver Brexit. As the general election approaches this week, we are discussing the possible outcomes of the election and what these could mean to gold investors.

Gold prices have wilted after the US and China indicated a possible readiness to sign phase one of a trade deal before the end of this year, which has boosted the US dollar.

Here at Atkinsons Bullion and Coins we have a live feed which updates every 60 seconds, showing the current gold price. But how is this information determined? Who decides the gold price?

Reports are showing that Britain’s economy has grown at the slowest rate in almost a decade, and we have also seen the price of gold drop, dipping down by around 2% in the last week alone. So, how does the future look for precious metals?

A question we are asked a lot, is ‘When is the right time to sell my gold or silver bullion?’ While we can’t give you a definitive answer to that, as each investor’s reasons for buying and selling is completely different, here we’ll be looking at some of the reasons why, as well as when, people may choose to sell their precious metals.

Mints across the world produce millions of gold and silver coins on a daily basis, but investors and collectors are pretty much unaware of the processes that go into making the coins they hold in their hand. Here, we take a quick look at each step of the coin-making process.

The price of gold has descended over the past week or so, dropping to £1,147 this morning, largely due to news that a deal may be possible between the UK and the EU. However, Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is yet to be approved and, as we edge closer to the deadline of 31st of October – will we finally win the Battle of Brexit?

2019 has (so far) given us some exciting and beautiful gold and silver coins, as well as some returning favourites. As we’re heading towards the end of the year; we thought we’d take a look at 2019’s most popular and top selling bullion coins available in gold and silver here at Atkinsons, as well as take a look to the future with some of the most anticipated 2020 coins.