Queen's Beasts Silver Coins

All Queen’s Beasts silver coins have British legal tender status, so they are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT). With FREE Fully Insured UK Delivery, you can be confident when buying your Queen’s Beasts  silver coins at Atkinsons Bullion.
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The Queen's Beasts Silver Coin Collection

The Royal Mint's Queen's Beasts series was one of the most popular and collectable coin collections ever. Running from 2016 until 2021, the series celebrated the British Monarchy and the centuries of fascinating heraldry that has been a part of their story. 

At the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, ten plaster models of heraldic beasts stood guard. Created especially for the occasion, these statues symbolised the various strands of royal ancestry brought together in a young woman about to be crowned queen.  These statues inspired the collection, with each Queen's Beasts coin release featuring a stylised version of one of the heraldic beasts, each one designed by engraver Jody Clark.

All Queen's Beasts silver coins qualify as UK legal tender so are therefore exempt from Capital Gains Tax.

Queen's Beasts Silver Coin Releases

The first Queen's Beasts coin was released in 2016 and the series ran until 2021. The full list of releases in the Queen's Beasts silver coin collection include:

2016Lion of England
2017Griffin of Edward III
2017Red Dragon of Wales
2018Black Bull of Clarence
2018Unicorn of Scotland
2019Yale of Beaufort
2019Falcon of the Plantagenets
2020White Lion of Mortimer
2020White Horse of Hanover
2021White Greyhound of Richmond
2021Completer Coin

Also available in this exclusive series of coins are the UK Queen's Beasts Gold 1oz Coins, featuring the same designs.                                                                                                                                                                     

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