Sell 22ct Gold Unwanted Jewellery

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Ready To Sell?

We offer the simplest and most efficient way to sell your items to us:

  1. Simply add all of the items to a package.
  2. Complete your details through our secure checkout and lock in your price.
  3. Print off the prefilled packing slip to include with your parcels.
  4. In order to establish the exact weight of your items we may have to remove any stones, metal bars or attachments which will interfere with our ability to find a precise weight of the amount of gold or silver in your item. This process may damage your item and is not reversable. Sending the item to us is notice that you accept these terms.

For reassurance, we'll send you a text message when your parcel arrives with us and we'll then be in touch to confirm the next step.

We buy all types of jewellery whether in good contion, broken or just unwanted.

This may be one odd earring from a pair, a broken gold chain or bracelet, an unwanted gift which was not suitable for you or just pieces of jewellery which you no longer wear or use.

All jewellery sent to us for sale will be examined thouroughly to establish which carat of gold this may be. This may include invasive action to include the removal of stones in the jewellery to establish the actual weight of the item itself. This could also  include the removal of metal-steel or other metals- which are placed in jewellery in order to strengthen the item during manufacturing. An example of this are hollow bangles filled with steel strengthening bars inside the bangle. This process is not reversable and will cause damage to the item which is not repairable.Sending your item to us is notice of your acceptance of these terms. 

If your item includes larger diamonds it may be that we offer a price subject to the resalable value of the item rather than just the metal value. This will be discussed with you when we have received the item. 

If you would prefer to send us photographs of all or some of the jewellery before you send it to us then please send photos to our WhatsApp number 07908 058675. We will then reply with suggestions on how we go forward.

Types of items we buy:

All gold, silver or platinum jewellery. Diamond set jewellery, precious stones set jewellery. Pocket watches, gold or silver chains, bracelets, anklets, toe rings, finger rings, earrings, studs or drop earrings, bangles, choker necklaces, wristwatches made of gold or silver. We also buy gold or silver tableware, snuff boxes, cigarette boxes, matchbox vestas, cutlery, candelabras, ashtrays. 

We are particularly interested in original branded jewellery and watches from "Cartier" "Rolex" "Patek Phillipe" "Omega" preferably with original paperwork and or boxes, but not necessary. All watches will be examined in order to authenticate them. This may take several days for us to establish and we will have to open the watch to examine it fully. 

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