1kg Gold Bars

All 1 kg gold bars for sale are exempt from VAT, like all investment gold. You can be confident when buying 1 kg gold bars from Atkinsons Bullion, as we understand its a sizeable investment, and have a strict collections only policy.

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Gold Investment Guide
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Secure and safe purchases of 1 kilo gold bars

Atkinsons Bullion offers utmost safety and security in purchasing 1 kilo gold bars, ensuring peace of mind for our clients. Sourced directly from LBMA approved Metalor, these bars guarantee authenticity and purity. Each bar is supplied with an original certificate, and with the option of collection only, clients can confidently invest in gold with Atkinsons Bullion, a trusted name in the industry.

1 kilo gold bar prices in the UK

In the UK, 1kg gold bars hold the advantage of being VAT exempt, making them an appealing choice for buyers. As the largest gold bars generally available for retail, they offer great value directly tied to the current spot price of gold, making them a popular option for those interested in acquiring a large amount of gold. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the live gold price, refer to our dynamic price chart to discover the current spot price of gold.

Why invest in 1kg Gold Bullion Bars?

1kg gold bars cater to those seeking to purchase a large amount of gold in one transaction, often offering bulk purchase price advantages. However, clients looking for more flexibility may find smaller options like the 1oz and 100g gold bars more suitable. Additionally, those looking for Capital Gains Tax exemption, may decide that UK coins such as the Sovereign and Britannia, while slightly pricier per gram, provide potential benefits upon sale, making them a strategic choice for many investors.

Live Gold and Silver Prices

Track the intrinsic value of your precious metals on our live gold price chart or live silver price chart pages.