American Eagle Gold Coins

Our collection of American Eagle Gold Coins includes a range of weights from 1/10oz to 1oz, all struck in 22ct gold by the world-renowned US Mint. Including both pre-owned and new 2023 coins, secure your ownership of a USA Eagle Gold Coin with the added benefit of free, fully insured delivery across the UK.
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Why invest in American Eagle gold coins?

USA Eagle gold coins are a popular choice every year due to their convenient range of sizes, high minting quality, and aesthetic allure. USA Eagle coins have a rich history, beginning in 1792 where they were offered in various sizes including: the double eagle, the original eagle, the half eagle, and the quarter eagle. The first modern gold and silver Eagle bullion coins were released in 1986. Guaranteed by the United States government to have a specific weight, purity level, and metal quality, a legal requirement when minting Gold Eagle coins is that the US Mint can only use 22ct gold that is sourced from the USA.

USA Eagle coin designs

The obverse of the gold Eagle coins features a rendition of Augustus Saint-Gaudens' figure of Lady Liberty walking gracefully as the sun rises over a ridge, her hair billowing in the wind as she holds an olive branch and a lit torch, symbolising safe and peaceful passage into the future.

American Eagle coins featured the same reverse design each year since their inception in 1986, showing a male eagle carrying an olive branch whilst he flies above a nest containing a female eagle and her hatchlings. However, in 2021, the coins began a new chapter in their history to mark their 35th anniversary with the release of the ‘Type 2’ Eagle coins. For the first time ever, these coins featured new reverse designs. USA Eagle gold coins now feature a design which shows a detailed close-up portrait of a bald eagle, by artist Jennie Norris.

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