20g Gold Bars

The 20g gold bar is perfect for adding to your collection. Like all investment gold, our 20g gold bars are exempt from VAT. You can be confident when buying from Atkinsons Bullion, with our fully insured free delivery on all orders throughout the UK.

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Gold Investment Guide
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Investing in 20 gram gold bars

Twenty-gram gold bars combine affordability with value. Exempt from VAT, these bars are accessible for both new and experienced investors, and are easy to store due to their compact size. Ideal for those with limited budgets, these bars provide an excellent entry point into the world of gold, and also make an impressive gift. Enjoy free, fully insured UK delivery every time when you buy 20g gold bars with Atkinsons Bullion.

How much is a 20g gold bar worth?

The value of a 20 gram gold bar is based on the current gold spot price, which constantly fluctuates throughout the day. The price of gold is influenced by a wide range of factors such as economic and geopolitical uncertainty, demand changes, inflation levels, and rises and falls in interest rates. Refer to our live price chart to check the current spot price of gold.

What is the size of a 20-gram gold bar?

The Royal Mint 20g Gold Bar999.931.00mm18.00mm2.10mm
Metalor 20g Gold Bar
Valcambi 20g Gold Bar
Umicore 20g Gold Bar
Heraeus 20g Gold Bar

*Dimensions are approximate.

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