Frequently Asked Questions

Company Information

  • Our company number is 05079783

  • Our VAT registration number is GB 855 573 101


  • Delivery is free and fully insured for UK orders. For high value/weight/volume orders we are able to offer a bespoke secure delivery. This can be discussed with our sales team at the point of order.

  • Orders under £250 are delivered by Royal Mail recorded delivery, which takes between 1-5 working days from the day of dispatch. A signature will be required.

    Orders over £250 will be sent by Royal Mail special delivery or UPS, which is next day delivery from the day of dispatch. A signature will be required.

  • Yes. All orders are sent fully insured.

  • Does this mean I can change the delivery address?

    Not before Royal Mail have attempted delivery to the address you originally provided. Once your parcel has been dispatched, this address cannot be changed. For the avoidance of doubt, use of the tracking number we have provided to you will only enable you to see what delivery stage has been reached. In the event that you receive a “Something For You” card from Royal Mail, and use the parcel details on that card to change the delivery address in the context of rearranging the delivery, this will be at your own risk. Our responsibility for safe delivery of the parcel will come to an end once Royal Mail have either delivered it to the original address, or left a Something For You card at the original address, or notified us that a Something For You card has been left there.

  • We currently do not accept orders for delivery outside of the UK.


  • Yes. Our collection service is available from our secure showroom, should you wish to use this service, then please select the ‘Pay then Collect’ option at checkout.

    Please be aware orders CANNOT be collected by any third party.

  • Yes. ALL orders must be paid for by online bank transfer ONLY, and we must acknowledge receipt before we arrange collection from our secure showroom. Unfortunately, we are unable to take payments in the showroom for bullion collections.

  • Once your payment has been received you will be contacted to arrange a mutually convenient collection time. Please note it will be a minimum of 24 hours after the payment has been received before your parcel is available for collection. No orders will be available the same day you place the order.

  • On collection you will receive your sealed parcel, on production of a copy of your order and your photographic identification. Goods cannot be collected by someone other than the person named on the order.

  • As we do not hold stock at the showroom it is not possible to purchase bullion product over the counter, only a parcel collection service is available.

  • Yes, there are a number of marked bays directly outside the Client entrance to the showroom.


  • This is the price you will pay for your goods. Due to the constantly moving precious metal prices on the open markets, our online trading platform allows you to fix the price of your products on completion of your order. This means that any further fluctuation in the market price will not effect the price of your order. You must then complete payment within 48 hours.

  • It is fixed when you complete your order, either online or by phone.

  • We always aim to have the best price in the UK. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, we aim to never knowingly be beaten on price.

  • 1. We can only price match against authenticated UK sellers.

    2. We don’t price match items on eBay.

    3. A price match can only be considered before an item is ordered, due to the moving price of gold and silver.

    *We will always aim to give you the best possible price, but on rare occasions, we may not be able to match another price, but please always ask. Any price match offered will be set against an identical, like for like 'in stock' product. We do not price match on products which are not in stock on competitor websites.


  • Yes. You can pay online by Debit card or by Credit card with no cost incurred. The maximum order value for debit card payments is £30,000. The maximum order value for credit card payments is £5,000. For orders with higher values please see our other payment methods. We do not accept American Express. We cannot accept pre-paid credit cards as payment.

  • You can phone your bank or login to your bank account online or banking app to enable you to send funds from your account directly to our account immediately. Please use your order number as a reference. Our account details are in the email order confirmation you receive after checkout.

  • You have 48 hours for us to receive the payment. If its a large order you may have a £10,000 limit per day to send from your account. That's fine we understand, please make our sales department aware of this.

  • Yes. If you choose this option please send the cheque to arrive within 48 hours to Atkinsons Bullion & Coins and put your account number on the back. Please allow 4 working days for cheque clearance. You can find our postal address in the contact us section.

  • No. We cannot accept card payments over the phone.

  • There could be a number of reasons for this.

    1. The most likely is your transaction has been challenged for a fraud check by your bank. This is outside of our control but you should call your card provider and resolve this with them. They will then remove any barrier on your card so you can continue with your purchase.

    2. Check you have the correct postcode in your registered account and that the card you are using is registered at the address on your account. You cannot use someone else’s card even if they live at the same address as it will not match the details on your registration.

    3. Due to the nature of prepaid cards and the inability to verify them, we are unable to accept this payment type.

  • In order to protect all parties, it is sometimes necessary to perform additional checks on transactions. Where additional information is needed from you to assist with the checks, we will contact you by phone or email.


  • After you you order, your items will show in your portfolio when we have completed processing your order and shipped or stored your items. Items purchased over the phone may not show within your portfolio. If you have any queries about your portfolio items please call us.


  • No.

  • Yes. There is VAT on all new Silver products we sell. You will not be able to reclaim this VAT when you sell the goods unless you have purchased the Silver through a VAT registered business. VAT is not charged for purchases from outside of the EU or if you have supplied a European VAT number. In both of these circumstances we are obliged to ship the goods to your foreign address, collection will not be possible.

    VAT may not be charged on certain pre-owned silver coins if they comply with the UK Governments Margin Scheme.

    VAT will be charged on pre-owned silver coins if we have purchased them from A VAT REGISTERED BUSINESS, we must pay VAT and we must then charge VAT.

    VAT will be charged on silver rounds and bars as they are not classed as coins and as such they are not “Collectable” and do not comply with the Margin Scheme legislation.

Regulatory Requirements

  • We may require your ID due to two sets of regulations which govern our industry for retail clients. They are Money Laundering Regulations and the HMRC 'Gold Rules' for investing in Gold. They require for orders over £5,000 or for a total spend over £10,000 in one year (irrespective of payment method). It may be necessary on occasion to have a copy of your photographic ID and a recent Utility bill 'Certified' before sending to us.

    We may also require your ID in our discretion regardless of value if the nature or circumstances of the order indicates this to be a sensible step on our part.

  • We are obliged under the regulations to gather this information to prove who you are. We do not send or give this information to anyone. We simply gather and keep the information on file. Our only obligation is to report suspicious transactions of possible money laundering.

    In exceptional circumstances, for instance where we suspect that an anticipated transaction is fraudulent or that the customer is under the influence of fraudsters, we may be legally obliged to disclose this information to the authorities or use it for purposes consistent with the above regulations and the wider criminal law.

  • We will send you a link to upload the relevant information, including a photo via our approved provider Credas.

    It may be necessary on occasion to have a copy of your photographic ID and a recent Utility bill 'Certified' before sending to us.

  • No, once you have confirmed your address we will verify this via our internal verification procedures.

  • We will be unable to proceed with the transaction. As explained in our Terms and Conditions, this may give rise to cancellation charges.

Selling Gold & Silver

  • Yes. We are always interested in buying your silver or gold coins and bullion. It does not need to have been purchased from us. You can bring it to us by appointment or send it to us by Royal Mail Special delivery and we will purchase the items. Please see our 'Sell To Us' page on our website for detailed instructions on what to do next.

Business Purchases

  • Yes. Contact a member of our team for more advice and we can send you a company registration pack, call us on 0121 355 0620 or send an email to

Bullion Quality

  • Bullion coins may have surface imperfections, such as tiny scratches or marks. In fact, bullion from most Mints today will have some level of imperfection. This is particularly true of Silver Bullion, with some imperfections being obvious. But don’t worry because the intrinsic value of a bullion coin is in the grade of precious metal used and the weight. So, when it comes to selling your bullion back to Atkinsons, the quality of the item will not affect its resale value.

Meet & Greet

  • We like nothing better than meeting our clients. You are very welcome to make an appointment to come to our secure showroom and meet one of the bullion sales staff, who will be pleased to talk to you about our products and services. As we are an Internet business all orders will be placed online and delivered in the normal way. To book an appointment you can call us on 0121 355 0620 or send an email to No goods will be available in the store to buy as they are not held on the premises.

Zero Tolerance Policy

  • At Atkinsons Bullion & Coins, our customers loyalty is of paramount importance.

    We believe that all customers have the right to be heard, understood and treated respectfully. We make sure any complaints are managed fairly and professionally within appropriate timescales.

    We expect our staff to have the same rights.

    We will not tolerate behaviour which is considered threatening or abusive whether by email or over the phone. Where we consider a call to be of an aggressive nature, we will end the call and any further communication will be via email only.

    The management will take appropriate action to protect their staff, premises and members of the public, should we consider a customers behaviour to breach this working relationship this may result in refusal of service and legal action being taken. Thank you for your cooperation.