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Since the first coin was made almost 3,000 years ago, precious metal coins have held great value in our hearts and pockets. However, this can sadly make them the perfect target for counterfeiters. There is nothing more heart-breaking than knowing your iconic collectors piece holds little to no value, so we’ve pulled together some tips on how you can stay ahead of coin counterfeiters.

Long before the days of the stock markets, gold was one of the earliest traded assets and presents even more opportunities to investors today. With $2,000 dollars per ounce achieved for the very first time in August 2020 during the pandemic, many investors flocked to investing in gold as a means to hedge inflation, and many are left wondering whether gold is still a good investment today. Follow this article to learn more about the possible rewards and pitfalls of investing in gold and whether it's the right time to invest now.

The gold price climbed last week, hitting highs unseen for around four months, and looks to be on track for further gains. Supported by a weaker US Dollar and inflation pressures, a slide in Bitcoin also appears to have given precious metals a boost.

The last eighteen months or so has been a busy time for the global precious metals market, as investors have flocked to gold and silver like never before. Last Thursday, The Royal Mint reported a huge increase in the sale of silver coins and bars compared to last year, and demand does not appear to be slowing.

Gold and silver prices saw strong gains at the end of last week, with gold posting its biggest weekly increase since November, breaking over $1,800. In this blog we will look at the reasons for the rise in precious metals, and whether this will continue.

The Royal Mint has produced a ten-kilo Queen’s Beasts gold coin, the largest and heaviest coin in the mint’s 1,100-year history. Only one of these ‘masterwork’ coins was made and has reportedly been sold to a mystery buyer.

The Perth Mint, Australia, produces some of the most popular gold and silver coins and bars in the world. One of the oldest mints still working in its original location, The Perth Mint has had a huge influence on Australia’s precious metals industry. Here we will take a look at the history behind the Perth Mint, and some of the most famous products that have contributed to its success.

Why do people invest in precious metals? When is a good time to buy gold and silver? Should I buy coins or bars? Should I buy new or pre-owned? How is the price of gold and silver determined? These are just some of the questions that we are frequently asked by our customers here at Atkinsons Bullion and Coins. In episode 5 of our podcast, Paul and Ben discuss the answers to all of these, and more!

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