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The gold price has risen by around 50% in the last ten years, and some experts believe we could possibly see our favourite precious metal soar to new heights over the next couple of years. Could we really see gold hit that magic $2,000 mark?

Are gold and silver a good investment? Everyone has their own reasons for looking to invest in precious metals, the most powerful reason being they are well known for holding their value over time - especially in times of economic uncertainty. Here are five top reasons why many investors choose gold and silver:

Global economic troubles and fears of recession over the last few months have led to the safe haven buying of gold by investors, and the last few weeks have seen the price skyrocket. Soaring debt and falling economies are a current reality, and have led to many asking: would a return to the gold standard be the answer?

For first time investors, or those relatively new to the gold and silver bullion market, it’s perfectly natural to feel a little intimidated by some of the ‘lingo’ used by those already in the know. However, this should not put you off investing in precious metals. Follow our jargon busting guide to ‘metal-speak’ and you will soon become savvy in the terminology commonly used in the gold and silver market.

The last couple of weeks have seen gold smash through the ceiling, bypassing its highest ever price and skyrocketing upwards. The early hours of this morning saw the price break £1,249 – so what is the reason for these heights, and will they hold?

Tonight, on Thursday 1st August, the gold price in GBP has broken through to reach its highest ever recorded gold price on record. As I write this, new heights never seen before have been reached tonight. There is so much to say on the matter, but it is only right that in these circumstances I give you my own personal opinions. This is in no way to influence you on how you should act, as we are not investment advisors, but we can reflect the market position and its history so far.

There are may reasons as to why people decide to invest their money in assets such as gold, shares, property and jewellery, as investing in assets like these can help to grow and protect for the future. Which asset you decide to invest in depends on what you want to gain from the investment itself, as each offer their own unique benefits and drawbacks. In this article we’ll be looking at the pros and cons of investing in diamonds versus gold.

Gold hit its highest level in six years last week, as the price soared to $1,452 (£1,157) on Thursday. Gold prices also gained today after a small fall over the weekend, after tensions in the Middle East and weak financial markets.

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