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In today’s world, awareness of the impact of climate change is increasingly inescapable, and issues such as sustainability and recycling are high on much of the world’s agenda. One way we as investors could be contributing to helping our planet is through precious metals. In this article we will cover the process and benefits of recycling precious metals, where recycled gold and silver can be found, and how investors could be helping the planet whilst also planning for their financial future.

Silver is not only used as a store of value, but is also widely used in jewellery, tableware and technology. But for all its uses and beauty, silver can tarnish, sometimes to the frustration of collectors and investors. In this article, we will explore the cause of silver tarnish, how to protect your silver from tarnishing, and whether it can affect the value of your silver coins and bars.

In this article we will cover the meaning of the ratio, and how investors can use it as one of the indicators to determine the right time to buy or sell their precious metals.

Gold has been highly prized in human society for thousands of years, but it until recently its origins have been somewhat of a mystery. During the Middle Ages, alchemists were unsuccessful in their attempt at the impossible, to convert the ordinary into the extraordinary by turning lead into gold. If it could not be made, where did this precious and valuable asset originate?

If you are new to buying gold and silver bullion or coin collecting, you may have heard about graded coins. The grading system may seem a little daunting at first glance, but in this article, we will explain how and why coins are graded, as well as ascertain whether the grading process can make a significant difference to the value of a coin.

Traded for thousands of years, long before the existence of fiat currency, stocks or bonds, gold bullion is a popular asset, particularly for those looking for a long-term store of wealth, and can present many opportunities for investors. A key question we are often asked is if buying gold is a safe investment.

A question we often get asked is ‘when is the right time to buy gold?’. This is a complex question as there are many factors that may influence an investor’s decision to add physical gold to their portfolio.

If you’re thinking about investing in gold bullion bars or coins, a key question you will most probably ask is whether the value of this asset will increase in the future. In this article, we will guide you through the reasons for the fluctuating price of gold, and whether it is possible to forecast the direction that precious metals may take in the future.

For thousands of years, gold and silver have been recognised as prize assets to own, and today is no exception. One of the most common questions we are asked by would-be investors is ‘why should I buy precious metals?’. In this article we will cover the top reasons why many people choose gold and silver over other investments.

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