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Gold seemed to be on a bit of a rollercoaster ride last week, starting off at just over £1,100 on Monday and then then rising by 3.6%, hitting an 8-year high of £1,140 during Wednesday. It then saw a fall at the end of the week, landing at £1,118 over the weekend. So, with all these ups and downs, in such a short period of time, where will it take us next?

The gold price has been soaring lately, but the gold-silver ration has also seen a huge rise – currently sitting at an incredible 91-1. This climb is the highest price of gold relative to silver for more than a quarter of a century. Could this mean silver's day is coming?

Investors have gold fever and the yellow metal is soaring. Gold hit £1,107 this morning, a height unseen since October 2012. So, what is the reason for the sudden rise in the gold price, and most importantly, will it continue?

If you are looking to get the most physical gold or silver for your money, buying pre-owned can often be the best option for many investors.

What’s going on with the gold price?! At 10.30am this morning the price was hovering around £1039 per ounce after a dramatic incline since last Monday, this is its highest in over two years! In this week’s blog, we’ll look into some of the possible reasons for the increase in the gold price, as well as the gold-silver ratio.

You look out for one, and then three come along at once! This past week or so we’ve heard about not one, but three interesting stories of gold treasure, on either side of the globe.

We’ve talked a lot about gold in recent months, but what is currently happening in the world of our other favourite precious metal, silver?

A group of amateur treasure hunters have discovered a hoard of more than 550 rare gold and silver coins in Buckinghamshire. The exciting find has been dubbed the ‘Hambleden Hoard’ and is reported to be the largest gold and silver collection found in the UK for around a decade.

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