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In times gone by, people thought that the world was flat. There was an edge that we could somehow sail to, and just, well, fall off. This thought was of course disproved and explored by brave sailors who just kept going until they eventually came home again. The world today may well be looking flat, but in a slightly different way.

Running in circles has certainly been the way of the world, as we reflect on a week gone by and the start of a new one. The last seven days have seen so much volatility for all markets.

In today’s blog we are going to take a look through our top talking points this morning including possible top prices for gold, the current situation for cryptos and of course, a bit of Brexit.

Last week we saw the gold price reach above the highs of last September in USD, pushing above $1,360 for the AM Fix on the 25th. Could this be the start of the upwards push of 2018, or will we see the price forced back down?

Moving away from the UK this week, we wanted to take a look at last year’s demand for bullion in China. The demand for Gold in China rose for the majority of 2017; at the same time, we saw the USA drop some of their gold, in favour of the flavour of the month (or year) …cryptos.

We often get asked questions by our clients, whether they are related to the products, price movements on the market or indeed, larger, geopolitical issues that take a little more unpicking to get to the bottom of.

We saw the gold spot price rise again during Asian trading this morning, pushed by the current weakness in USD.

As we ponder the possibilities and hopes for the year ahead we stare hard at our crystal ball for inspiration. Alas, as in years gone by it seems a little misty on the outside, or maybe that’s just these old eyes struggling again to foresee the future.

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