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Gold has climbed to a 3-month high. Could the current bullish trend be set to continue?

Despite silver experiencing much volatility last week, it has been predicted that the price of silver could rise by 21.5% by the end of 2017.

Germany have reportedly returned 300 metric tonnes of gold, which was being stored in New York, back home to Frankfurt. Could the timing of this decision be linked to the current political upheaval that Europe may be facing?

The Greek debt crisis continues to mount. How could bullion react to the ongoing financial situation?

The US dollar is gaining in strength, what could this mean for both the price and the demand for bullion?

Is the introduction of the Shariah Standard a success story so far?

The US Fed Chair Janet Yellen has hinted at the possibility of a rise in US interest rates. Could this have implications for the precious metal gold?

Valentine's day has led us to explore the 'Love Trade' for gold. What is it and what can drive it?

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