1kg Silver Coins

Browse our range of 1kg silver coins manufactured by some of the world's most esteemed mints such as The Royal Mint, Perth Mint, and more. With free insured UK delivery and unparalleled service, you can be confident when buying your 1 kilo silver coins with Atkinsons Bullion.
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Why invest in a 1kg silver coin?

One-kilo silver coins are often popular with those looking to acquire a substantial amount of silver with aesthetic allure. Often featuring intricate designs, their large size means 1 kilo silver coins often offer potentially lower premiums per ounce compared to smaller denominations, as well as collectable appeal.

How much is 1 kg of silver worth?

The price of 1000 grams of 999.0 fine silver is directly linked to the spot price of silver, a value that constantly fluctuates due to factors such as supply and demand, and real-time market conditions. Keep up-to-date with the live spot price of silver using our accurate dynamic price chart.

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