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Stay up-to-date with the live silver price at Atkinsons Bullion. Our dynamic price chart provides real-time updates every minute, ensuring you have accurate information on the current spot price of silver.

Live Silver Price in the UK

The live silver spot price is determined based on real-time market conditions and factors such as supply and demand. It is calculated using the front-month futures contract with the highest trading volume.

The silver price chart is a reflection of real-time live data sourced from the bullion trading market. International precious metal markets are active from Monday to Friday, with closures on weekends and public holidays. During these non-trading periods, the chart price remains steady and unchanged.

Silver Price Chart – Track the Market

Our dynamic silver price chart provides all the tools you need to stay ahead in the silver market:

  • Real-time silver prices

Our silver price charting tool has a live refresh rate of 60 seconds, providing you with immediate access to the most accurate information on the latest spot price of silver in troy ounces or grams.

  • Compare currencies:

Monitor and compare the silver price in British Pound Sterling (GBP), US Dollars (USD), and Euros (EUR).

  • Custom date range:

Customise the date range to view silver's historical performance over your chosen amount of days, weeks, months, or years.

  • Create price alerts:

Set bespoke alerts and be notified when the price of silver reaches your specified target, allowing you to stay informed of market changes.

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Trust Atkinsons Bullion for Accurate Live Silver Price Updates

For accurate, live silver price updates and reliable insights into the silver market, you can trust Atkinsons Bullion. Register or log in to receive personalised alerts, simply choose your target spot value and weight unit, and receive an email notification when the price hits your specified amount.

At Atkinsons Bullion, we offer educational resources to help you navigate the world of buying and selling gold and silver. Explore our website or contact our knowledgeable team for further assistance.

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  • The live price of silver is constantly fluctuating. The spot price of silver changes every few seconds during international market trading hours (Monday to Friday, not including public holidays).

  • Various factors such as market demand, economic stability, geopolitical events, inflation rates, interest rates, and mining costs can impact the current price of silver.

  • The silver price is updated on our website every 60 seconds, ensuring you have the most accurate information on the latest price of silver.

  • Yes, simply log in or register, then click ‘Create Price Alert’ on this page to choose your target silver spot price. You will then receive an email alert when the price of silver hits your chosen amount.

  • The price of silver per ounce changes constantly. Check our dynamic price chart above to see the live real-time spot price of silver in troy ounces for a range of currencies including GBP, USD, and EUR.

  • The price of silver per gram fluctuates constantly, due to a variety of market factors. You can track the current real-time silver price in grams using our live silver price chart above.

  • Yes, you can track the silver price today by changing the timeframe on the chart scale to ‘Live’ and view the price of silver from 12am to the current time.

  • Yes, you can customise the date range on our price chart to analyse the historical price and performance of silver over your specified amount of days, weeks, months, or years.

  • It is nearly impossible to buy silver at spot price, as a premium needs to be charged over the spot price. The spot price does not account for the costs associated with the acquiring and manufacturing of the silver product. Bullion dealers also have business costs for labour, storage, shipping, and marketing etc. and must also make a profit.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided on this page is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. Past performance is not indicative of future results.