Pre-Owned Gold

Our range of pre-owned gold offers individual coins, pre-owned gold coin bundles, gift sets and collections, all available to purchase from Atkinsons with free insured delivery.

Ideal for gold coin collectors, our range is regularly updated with our latest additions so check back regularly to find the newest (or oldest) addition to your pre-owned gold collection.

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Second-Hand Gold Bullion

Second-hand gold's value is equivalent to the market value of gold regardless of condition because of the intrinsic value it holds. This can make pre-owned gold a beautiful gift and an ideal choice to diversify one’s investment portfolio, particularly in times of economic instability to hedge inflation and as the market soars. Many pre-owned gold coins, however, can benefit from two market values; the value of pure gold and as a collectible coin.

Pre-owned gold bullion coins can offer great flexibility to investors as they can be easily stored. Purchasing pre-owned gold can often give a better return. To learn more about investing in gold, read our gold investment guide.