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Shop our range of Pre-Owned Dated Sovereign coins including half, full, bundles, and Queen Victoria gold sovereigns, all available to purchase from Atkinsons with free, fully insured delivery.

Ideal for dated sovereign collectors, our range is regularly updated with the latest additions so remember to visit regularly to find the newest (or oldest) addition to your pre-owned and dated sovereign collection.
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Our range of dated full sovereign gold coins changes almost every day, with new, low priced dated and minted sovereigns. If there's a specific date or coin you are looking for, call us on 0121 355 0620 or email us at and we will do our best to reserve the next one for you. 


  • Diversifying your investment portfolio through buying dated sovereigns is ideal if you want to have a safety net during periods of economic uncertainty. Their rarity and historic significance are highly attractive for collectors and investors alike, meaning that they can be used to further leverage the gold value and improve returns. Sovereigns issued in 1837 and later are also not subject to Capital Gains Tax, even if their value has increased.

  • Gold sovereigns are exempt from VAT. Gold Sovereigns struck by the Royal Mint are also exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

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