Gold Sovereign Coins

Our collection of gold sovereign coins cater to collectors of every type and we are proud to offer the latest 2024 Gold Sovereign Coins alongside highly sought-after pre-owned dated sovereigns, bundles, and proof sets. Gold sovereigns have British legal tender status, so they are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and are also exempt from VAT, like all investment gold. With free insured UK delivery, you can be confident when buying your gold sovereign coins from Atkinsons.

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Buying and investing in gold sovereign coins

With their intrinsic value and rich heritage, gold sovereign coins are popular among collectors and investors. Sovereigns also offer the benefit of British legal tender status, making them exempt from Capital Gains Tax. Their compact size and competitive premiums offer a convenient choice for those looking for a flexible addition their collection, and are also a perfect entry point for those starting out in their precious metals journey.

How much is a gold sovereign coin worth?

The value of a gold sovereign coin is based on the fluctuations in the live gold spot price, a value subject to constant change due to various factors. Influences such as economic and geopolitical uncertainties, global demand shifts, inflation levels, and alterations in interest rates play a role in determining the price of gold sovereign coins, including sought-after editions like the latest 2023 Gold Sovereigns, Pre-Owned Victorian Shield Sovereigns, Proof Gold Sovereign Coins, and Graded Coins. Stay up-to-date by referring to our real-time price chart, ensuring you are informed on the latest spot price of gold.

Live Gold and Silver Prices

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