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Shop our full range of 1oz silver coins, offering the latest 2024 one-ounce coins alongside highly sought-after pre-owned coins. Crafted in fine silver by some of the world's most esteemed mints such as The Royal Mint, Perth Mint, US Mint, South African Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and more. With free insured UK delivery, you can be confident when buying your 1oz silver coins with Atkinsons.
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Why invest in a 1oz silver coin?

One ounce silver coins are often a popular choice for those interested in acquiring silver due to their convenient size and aesthetic allure. Often featuring year dates and intricate designs, 1oz silver coins also offer collectable appeal at an affordable price. The price of each 1oz silver coin is directly linked to the current spot price of silver, which fluctuates constantly due to influence from real-time market conditions and factors such as supply and demand. Stay up-to-date with the live silver price using our accurate dynamic price chart, providing real-time updates every minute.

What is the most valuable 1 ounce silver coin?

A 1oz silver coin’s value can vary based on factors such as rarity, collectability, historical value, and market demand. Some of the more valuable 1oz silver coins are often those that feature special designs or limited mintages. Some examples of this include:

Canadian Maple (special editions with privy marks or colourisation)

Chinese Panda (early years)

American Eagle (proof and special editions)

UK Queen’s Beasts (collectable value)

It is important to note that the value of coins can change over time based on market trends and collector demand. Our range of pre-owned silver coins offers a wide selection, often including some hard-to-find and unusual coins.

The price of 1oz silver coins is dependent on the current silver price, which undergoes constant fluctuations driven by factors such as real-time market conditions, as well as supply and demand. Keep up-to-date with the live silver price, as well as the live gold price, using our dynamic price chart which updates every sixty seconds, ensuring you have the latest information in order to buy silver and gold bullion.

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