Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Aims

On top of the heritage and values that have created Atkinsons as it is today, we aim to implement ethical trade into the way we work on a day-to-day basis. We want to go above and beyond the minimum standards set for corporate social responsibility and consistently work to improve our high standards.


When purchasing from us, we understand that you expect a high quality of service and product. We take the same care when purchasing our products, to ensure we don't place undue pressure on our suppliers to meet our demand.

We source our precious metals from various Mints and we think it's important to know their stance on ethically sourcing their gold and silver.

The Perth Mint state that they are, 'committed to high ethical standards, respect for people and the environment, and enlightened business practices.'

The Royal Mint state that they, 'continue to seek to achieve the highest standards of business ethics and [are] fully committed to meeting [their] Safety, Health and Environment responsibilities. The Royal Mint recognises that its products are produced from finite metal resources and that there is a rising demand for those limited resources. Therefore recycling is an important part of the production cycle.'

The Royal Canadian Mint aims, to 'apply best practices in corporate social responsibility by balancing economic, environmental and social factors while addressing shareholder and stakeholder expectations.'


As a family run company, it's important to us that we are all one team, whether our team members work in the head office, store or distribution. We all work together with one aim, to be the best company we can. We also extend this family initiative, supporting charities and good causes, hoping to make contributions that will really make a difference.


Here at Atkinsons we are committed to recycling to ensure the sustainability of not only our business, but the wider environment. Current policies include reducing the use of paper wherever possible, communicating mainly via email. We also aim to use recycled materials where ever viable and recycle all paper used in our office.

Our main aims are to:

  • Recycle as much as we can
  • Use less and find sustainable alternatives
  • Turn off power when not needed