Pre-Owned Silver

Pre-owned silver bullion or second-hand silver is genuine silver purchased from customers. All pre-owned silver is inspected carefully and rigorously according to purity, weight and dimensions to ensure that it is legitimate. We offer a great selection of pre-owned silver coins and pre-owned silver bars.

Purchase pre-owned silver bullion UK and worldwide online with confidence from Atkinsons Bullion. Free delivery with full insurance for all UK orders.

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Investing in Pre-Owned Silver Bullion

Silver has been used for storing wealth for thousands of years and yet still remains the most popular precious metal to invest in. This is due to a lower cost per pound, in comparison to any other precious metal, making it an ideal store of capital and diversifying an investment portfolio.

Amongst pre-owned silver bullion, silver bars cost slightly less per ounce due to lower fabrication costs and less fine craftsmanship needed. Coins are usually produced by government mints and carry a year-date and face value.

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