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With over 30 years of experience, Atkinsons Bullion has proven to be one of the leading distributors of gold coins across the UK.

We offer an extensive selection of beautiful, authentic gold coins from some of the world's most esteemed gold mints. We have a wide selection of both brand new gold bullion coins, including the 2024 Gold Britannia Coin, as well as pre-owned gold coins for sale. To protect your orders, we also provide free, insured delivery on all gold coins in the UK. Browse our full range of gold coins for sale.

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Gold coins have a long and rich history dating back thousands of years. It is one of the oldest mediums of exchange, with the earliest known gold coins dating as far back as 610B.C.

While currency has switched to bank notes and credit, buying gold coins is still popular and appeals to both collectors and investors.

Newly minted gold bullion coins are considered by many as an attractive hobby among those who collect them for their intrinsic value and beauty.

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