Chinese Panda Gold and Silver Coins

Chinese Panda Coins are available in gold and silver in a range of sizes and weights from 1g up to 30g. Crafted by China Gold Coin Corporation, each Panda coin features supreme minting quality and is available to order with free insured UK delivery.
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Why invest in Chinese Panda coins?

Chinese Panda gold and silver coins are a popular choice every year due to their convenient range of sizes, high minting quality, and aesthetic allure. The reverse design of the coins change each year, ensuring they have a dedicated following with collectors.

The history of the Chinese Panda coin

Chinese panda coins have a history dating back to 1982, when the first gold Panda coin was minted. Several mints across China produce these coins, including Beijing, Shenyang, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. From 1983, silver panda coins were struck to a proof finish only. 1989 then saw the production of a 1oz silver bullion quality panda coin, struck in 999.0 Fine Silver.

Panda coins went metric in 2016, when the troy ounce system was replaced with grams due to the metric system being more widely used in the People’s Republic of China.

Chinese Panda coin designs

While the dragon has long served as China’s official national symbol, internationally, when people think of China they often think of the giant panda. A symbol of friendship, peace, and good luck to the Chinese people, it’s clear why the panda was chosen to appear on the country’s gold and silver bullion coins.

Chinese Panda coins are one of the only bullion coins to change its design each year, with exception of the 2001 and 2002 coins which share the same design. Each reverse design always features a panda, with multiple pandas or panda cubs also featured on occasion. This range of designs has helped these coins develop a dedicated following, and makes the Chinese Panda coin an extremely popular one with coin collectors.

The obverse side of each gold and silver bullion Panda coin displays the ‘Temple of Heaven’ – a complex of religious buildings constructed in the early 15th century during the reign of the Yongle Emperor.

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