Collectable Currency Coins

Due to news stories circulated in the media suggesting that many currency coins found in everyday circulation may be worth more than their face value, we often get interest from those looking to find out what their coins may be worth.

Some examples of these coins are as follows:

Beatrix Potter 50p, Paddington Bear 50p, Olympic Games 50p, Sherlock Holmes 50p, Abolition of Slave Trade £2, Charles Dickens £2, Commonwealth £2, ‘New Pence’ 2p etc.

Whilst a few of these coins may be worth a little more than their original denomination due to lower mintages or minting errors, many of them will only be worth the coin’s face value.

Here at Atkinsons, our expertise is limited to coins with a gold or silver precious metal value only, whereas the coins you find in your pocket change are usually struck in nickel or copper. As these everyday currency coins do not have a gold or silver content, these are not something that we would be able to give advice on or be interested in purchasing.

However, we do suggest you may be able to find out what your currency may be worth by researching the prices these coins have previously sold for on auction sites such as eBay.

Please see our Sell to Us page to find a list of the gold and silver coins we are interested in purchasing.