New to Buying Gold & Silver?

If you are new to buying gold and silver bullion then we are here to help you.  If you are have any questions or need any advice on the type of products to buy we want to hear from you.

Should I buy gold or silver? Should I buy both gold and silver?

These are the typical type of the questions we are asked on a daily basis and our many years of experience allow us to have the satisfactory answers for you. If you would prefer to write to us with your queries then please do at or we are also on the end of the phone if you would rather talk to a friendly voice and explain your unique motivation for your purchase, so that we might be able to advise on the best products available for you. Please call us on 0121 355 0620.

You are also most welcome to come and visit us at our secure showroom for a meet & greet chat with one of experienced sales team or even myself, Paul Atkinson.  I will be glad to talk over a coffee and meet new potential clients.  Just get in touch to make an appointment during our opening hours Monday-Friday.

How to Buy?

Buying Gold and Silver is now as easy as buying any other product online.  The Internet has allowed us to show you in the comfort of your own home all the latest and best products available from around the world to satisfy your investment or gift needs. Take a browse around our website, view all the products and then simply let us know how we can help. You should find the navigation of our new website very easy.  Just register your name and address and follow the simple instructions to your basket and the payment methods.

At Atkinsons we want you to be very happy with your purchases whatever the quantity.

We fully understand just how big a step this can be taking the plunge into the world of gold and silver or ‘real money’ as it is often referred to. You are changing your paper currency into the world's oldest forms of real money because you, like a growing number of people around the world, are fearful of the instability of the current economic situation surrounding us. 

Whatever your motivation is and it may be a precious treasured gift to pass on to future generations, or an alternative method of saving for your retirement, we have suitable products for you. Our professional advice on the type of product to buy is tailored to each individual, family or organisation’s situation and shared confidentially with you to absorb before making a purchase.

How Much To Buy?

Clients often ask "how much should I buy?" or "is there any limit to how much I can buy?" and the answers to these questions is defined by the information you are prepared to share with us. You should buy as much as you are comfortable with.  Precious metals are not the only investment you should hold but it is generally thought that you should have a place in your investment portfolio for physical precious metals. The value will be in your hands, to do with when and whatever you wish. You can sell a little bit at a time, sell everything in one go or pass it on to your nearest and dearest.

There are no limits on how much you can spend whether in one transaction or in several. Whether you are a one coin at a time collector or a larger individual or corporate investor then we have the right product and pricing structure for you.

We sell VAT free products and also products like Sovereigns and Britannia which are also capital gains tax free. Although we cannot give you investment advice we can recommend a range of suitable products to make an informed choice from.

What's Next?

Delivery is safe, secure and insured. It can be arranged or delayed until convenient for you. For large value orders we may choose a secure armoured vehicle delivery which can be discussed and arranged at the time of purchase.

We have been involved in many transactions so there should not be any hurdles we cannot climb.  Our no-nonsense approach along with lashings of common sense mean that the simplest or most complicated scenarios can be dealt with in an efficient manner. From a few pounds to millions of pounds we are the family bullion business with the professional, friendly and discreet approach.

Thank you for Reading

I hope you enjoy browsing our precious metals website and that your investment in Gold and Silver coins and bullion gives you the pleasure that it has given us in helping you be satisfied with your purchase.

There is something very special about gold and silver coins and bullion products. When you hold bullion in your hand it reveals the density and warmth of previous generations which have held them in the same treasured way.

You can physically feel the difference between the precious metals held tightly in your hand in comparison to the paper that the printing press is so fond of producing.