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Investors and coin collectors are always interested in the value of their portfolio. Those who own gold Sovereign coins may search online to find out how much their coins are currently worth. While many articles may include a typical value of sovereign coins in a blog post, the value given may not be true at the time you are searching. By reading our advice below, you will learn more about how to find out the value of your sovereign coins.

Should I buy gold coins or bars? Pre-owned or new? What is the difference between 22ct gold and fine gold? These are just some of the frequently asked questions we are asked on pretty much a daily basis. In this short guide, we’ll be answering these questions and more, which may help you become a little more savvy in the world of bullion.

Firstly, we would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you for your continued support over the last few months. All of us Atkinsons understand the size of the decision it is to choose to buy your precious metals with us rather than our competitors. This is just a short note to give you all the latest information regarding availability of products and the shipping of orders.

Gold is one of the best performing assets in the world this year, and gold’s lustre now appears to be appealing to a wider range of investors wanting a safe haven in which to protect their wealth. As prices continue their wild ride, reaching heights never seen before, we ask: why is everyone buying gold?

As the price has surged dramatically, we have focused a lot on gold over the last few months – however, we haven’t forgotten about our other old friend: silver. The precious metal has also had an eventful year so far, and has also been heavily traded during the COVID-19 pandemic, but what’s to come for silver in the near future?

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