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A question we get asked quite often by those new to gold and silver bullion investment is ‘Why is silver cheaper than gold?’. In this article, we’ll focus on some of the reasons why these precious metals differ in value.

Despite most investors and analysts believing that inflation would be ‘transitory’, both the UK and US have reported a large rise in inflation, rising above the Bank of England’s target and coming in much stronger than had previously been expected.

The list of the world’s commodities is endless. So why, out of a huge range of options, do Gold and Silver have intrinsic value? What has gained gold and silver their ‘precious’ metals title? Here we will explore the history behind gold and silver and the reasons why intrinsic value is attached to precious metals.

The Queen’s Beasts gold and silver bullion coin collection by The Royal Mint has been highly successful since the launch of the very first coin, the Lion of England, in 2016. After the release of ten extremely popular designs, The Royal Mint then surprised us with the ‘Completer’, a final coin to unite all ten beasts with the monarch whose heritage they represent. As we celebrate the Completer coin’s release in both silver and gold as the perfect way to complete your Queen’s Beasts collection, we will take a look through each of the coins in this well-loved series.

Why is inflation high at the moment? Should I worry about inflation? How does inflation affect gold and silver? In episode 7 of the Atkinsons Bullion Podcast, Paul and Ben discuss inflation and interest rates.

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