Sell UK Full Sovereign Gold Coin Edward VII 1902-1910

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The first issue of coins bearing Edward VII were minted in 1902. Only one portrait was issued during his relatively short reign. The King faces to the right on these coins and they are stuck in medal alignment.

Although King Edward succeeded the throne in January 1901, sovereigns were still minted bearing his mother’s portrait for the remainder of that year. Edward reigned for less than a decade and only one portrait was issued. This portrait is of an uncrowned King.

The modern British sovereigns feature Benedetto Pistrucci's design depicting George & the Dragon on the reverse. They have been struck both at the Royal Mint and at branch mints since 1817.

  • Each coin weighs 7.98g and is 916.7 22ct Gold.
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 22.05mm Thickness: 1.52mm.  

Other Information

Coins were minted at 5 mint location. London, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Canada. The Canadian Mint opened towards the end of King Edward VII reign, in 1908, but they also produced Edward VII Sovereigns.

All sovereigns are identical with the exception of the small mint mark to identify where they were struck. The mint mark can be found on the reverse and is located under the George and the Dragon.

Code aucostuE0210sov
Metal Gold
Product Type Coin
Weight 7.98
Country United Kingdom
Manufacturer The Royal Mint
The Royal Mint
Fine Content 7.32
Condition Used
Fineness 916.7
Finish Bullion