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Looking to purchase some silver coins but unsure which products to choose?

Silver bullion coins have long been a popular choice for precious metals investors here in the UK and are believed by many to be an excellent way to provide a good investment in times of economic uncertainty. But what are the best choices out there in the silver coins’ market? The following guide lists five of the most popular silver bullion coins with UK investors.

1. UK Britannia Silver Coin

The silver Britannia coin has remained one of the world’s most highly traded silver coins since its inception in 1997. The coin is popular with UK investors as it is exempt from Capital Gains Tax, allowing the freedom to invest & sell as many or as few of these coins as they require, as and when they need, without paying tax on any profit they make. The new 2021 coin also features ground-breaking security features, making the silver Britannia harder to duplicate and ensuring its popularity with investors.

- Manufacturer: The Royal Mint

- Weight: 1 Troy Ounce (31.10 grams)

- Fineness: 999.0 Fine Silver (pre-2013 coins were produced in 958.0 Britannia Silver)

- Capital Gains Tax exempt

2. UK The Queen’s Beasts Series

The Royal Mint’s Queen’s Beasts bullion coin series has been highly successful since the launch of the very first coin, the Lion of England, in 2016. Like the Britannia, Queen’s Beasts coins are also exempt from both Capital Gains Tax, allowing UK investors the freedom to invest & sell as many or as few of these coins as they require, without paying tax on the profit they make. Taking inspiration from hundreds of years of British royal heraldry, the Queen’s Beasts series includes ten coins are highly popular with both investors and coin collectors, and the final design, the Greyhound of Richmond, was released this year.

Manufacturer: The Royal Mint

- Weight: 2 Troy Ounces (62 grams), 10 Troy Ounces (311 grams)

- Fineness: 999.9 Fine Silver

- Capital Gains Tax exempt

3. Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin

First struck in 1988, the silver Canadian Maple bullion coin remains an extremely popular coin and is one of our biggest sellers every year. Featuring the iconic national emblem of Canada, the maple leaf, the coin is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Newer maple coins also feature security features, including radial lines and a micro-engraved year-date, making them harder to duplicate and ensuring their popularity with investors.

- Manufacturer: Royal Canadian Mint

- Weight: 1 Troy Ounce (31.10 grams)

- Fineness: 999.9 Fine Silver

4. American Eagle Silver Coin

First released by the United States Mint in 1986, the American Eagle silver coin is the official bullion coin of the United States and remains one of our best-sellers each year. Featuring a design showing Lady Liberty draped in the American flag on the obverse, and a heraldic eagle on the reverse, these patriotic coins are guaranteed by the U.S. government to contain the stated amount of fine silver.

- Manufacturer: United States Mint

- Weight: 1 Troy Ounce (31.10 grams)

- Fineness: 999.0 Fine Silver

5. Australian Lunar Series

First struck in 1999, The Silver Perth Mint Lunar Series (I, II, & III) is based upon the 12 Year Chinese Lunar Calendar, with each year’s coin featuring a different animal believing to have a profound influence over those born under its year of rule. These coins are always popular with both investors and collectors as they have limited mintages and are also deemed to be some of the most beautifully designed coins in the world. The lunar series entered its third cycle in 2020, which will continue with a new annual release up until 2031.

- Manufacturer: Perth Mint

- Weight: 1 Troy Ounce (31.10 grams), 2 Troy Ounce (62 grams), 1kg 

- Fineness: 999.9 Fine Silver

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