We sell a wide range of pre-owned bullion, including pre-owned gold coins and dated sovereigns or pre-owned silver coins and bars in a variety of weights and sizes. We offer UK investors and coin collectors the opportunity to buy second-hand gold and silver bullion bars and coins at low premiums.

Check our website regularly as we constantly sell or buy and update our current pre-owned collection with new additions. We also provide free, insured delivery on all orders in the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Depending on the purpose of the investment, buying gold and silver bullion can bring a range of benefits. Both gold and silver precious metals are safe-haven assets and have been widely known to retain and strengthen their value over long periods of time. Holding physical gold bars and coins can provide ultimate control over your own wealth and offers a timeless safeguard against financial crisis.

  • Gold holds a track record of increasing in price over time, especially during times of high inflation and economic uncertainty. Investors tend to buy gold coins and bars as a contingency measure when other investments (e.g. stocks or property) are not performing well.

    At the same time, the volatility of the silver price has enabled many investors to reap significant rewards. Like gold, silver can also act as a hedge against high inflation systemic risks. Buying silver bars and coins is more affordable for the average investor.

    Savvy investors will often buy both gold and silver bullion to diversify their portfolios and spread the risk when other investments under-perform or there is an economic crisis.

  • Coins are often the preferred way to invest in precious metals because they are highly liquid, easy to trade and can provide additional value through their rarity.

  • All gold coins and bars purchases are exempt from VAT.

    However, all new silver bullion is presently subject to VAT. You will not be able to reclaim this VAT when you sell the goods unless you have purchased the Silver through a VAT registered business.

    VAT is not charged for purchases from outside of the EU or if you have supplied a European VAT number. In both of these circumstances we are obliged to ship the goods to your foreign address, collection will not be possible.

    VAT may not be charged on certain pre-owned silver coins if they comply with the UK Governments Margin Scheme.

    VAT will be charged on pre-owned silver coins if we have purchased them from A VAT REGISTERED BUSINESS, we must pay VAT and we must then charge VAT.

    VAT will be charged on silver rounds and bars as they are not classed as coins and as such they are not “Collectable” and do not comply with the Margin Scheme legislation.

  • No, we do not accept cash payments for gold or silver bullion. Payment must be made via card or bank transfer.

Live Gold and Silver Prices

Track the intrinsic value of your precious metals on our live gold price chart or live silver price chart pages.