Our Silver Bullion range not only includes the latest silver Britannias and other 1oz coins, but also silver bars in a variety of weights, pre-owned, dated coins and more. With Atkinsons Bullion, you can buy your silver online with the knowledge that your purchase will be shipped securely with free, tracked UK delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When buying with Atkinson Bullion, your silver purchase is processed securely through each stage and dispatched with insured shipping to ensure its safe arrival with you. When looking to buy silver online, research bullion dealers and check shipping and payment security is guaranteed.

  • There are many benefits to buying bullion, especially in times of economic uncertainty, instability and when there is low confidence in the banking system. Holding physical gold bars and coins can provide ultimate control over your own wealth and offers a timeless safeguard against financial crisis. Always take independent advice before making any large investment.

  • Yes. There is VAT on all new Silver products we sell. You will not be able to reclaim this VAT when you sell the goods unless you have purchased the Silver through a VAT registered business. VAT is not charged for purchases from outside of the EU or if you have supplied a European VAT number. In both of these circumstances we are obliged to ship the goods to your foreign address, collection will not be possible.

    VAT may not be charged on certain pre-owned silver coins if they comply with the UK Governments Margin Scheme.

    VAT will be charged on pre-owned silver coins if we have purchased them from A VAT REGISTERED BUSINESS, we must pay VAT and we must then charge VAT.

    VAT will always be charged on silver rounds and bars as they are not classed as coins and as such they are not “Collectable” and do not comply with the Margin Scheme legislation.

  • Each client will have their own requirements when looking to purchase silver bullion. However, there is minimal difference between buying silver coins or silver bars for investment purposes other than bars generally work out a little bit cheaper to buy than the same weight for a coin. However, this is reflected in bars attracting a lower buy back price compared to a coin of the same weight.

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