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If you have gold that you are thinking of selling, there are a lot of factors to bear in mind. Whether you decided to invest in gold sovereign coins or maybe even inherited a gold coin collection, working out when is the best time to sell gold can seem tricky. The ideal time to sell your gold is determined by two main factors: the value of gold and the necessity of the sale at the time.

With investors always looking for new opportunities, numismatists are asked, “are gold sovereigns a good investment?” This comprehensive guide explains all.

This month sees the newest release from the Perth Mint, the 2021 Australian Lunar Ox. Here we will take a look at the Australian Lunar series of gold and silver bullion coins, with focus on the newest addition to this ever-popular range.

The Royal Mint’s Queen’s Beasts bullion coin collection has been highly successful since the launch of the very first coin, the Lion of England, in 2016. As we await with bated breath the newest, and final coin to be added to the range, the White Greyhound of Richmond - here we are taking a look at each of the coins released so far.

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