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Gold prices seem to be staying strong and may even be set to climb up even further, as the global economy appears to be slowing, and the risk of a possible recession seems more likely.

Did you know that precious metals are some of the most highly recycled items in the world? A surprisingly large amount of the annual gold consumption is actually made from recycled gold. So, does this mean us investors are helping to save the planet?

First-time precious metals investors are often surprised to find that a unique unit of measurement is used to weigh gold and silver: the Troy Ounce. The troy system is a different measurement system to the standard ounce (known as the avoirdupois ounce), so why do we use this system and where does it come from?

New data from the World Gold Council shows that, despite slowing global growth, demand for gold bars and coins look to have actually increased by around 4 percent in 2018.

Earlier this month, a Russian historian claimed he may know the location of over 80 tonnes of gold that was said to have been hidden by French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte over 200 years ago.

This week sees the release of the 2019 Full Sovereign Gold Coin, so we thought this was the perfect chance to delve a little deeper into the history of the sovereign as one of the world’s favourite gold coins.

The turkey has finally been eaten, those last few chocolates left at the bottom of the tin are being polished off, and the Christmas season is drawing to a close. As the new year celebrations kick-off, many of us are reflecting on the year that has passed, as well as pondering the possibilities for the year ahead.

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Well, the big day is just over a week away, and most of us will be celebrating with the giving and receiving of gifts with loved ones. Whether you’re religious or not, most of us know the story of the very first Christmas, with many variations of the nativity scene on show in households all over the world. All will feature Jesus in the manger, and Mary and Joseph looking on adoringly, along with three visitors who came bearing gifts – frankincense, myrrh, and of course, gold.

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