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Atkinsons Bullion offers customers the option to sell silver coins back to us, regardless of where they were initially purchased. We will provide the best silver coin prices available, based on the individual coins and the current precious metal market. Whether you’re looking to sell silver Britannias, Krugerrands, Maples, or any other coin from your collection, prices vary depending on the coin.

Take a look at our silver coin prices below to see what your coins could be worth.

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  • Many of us have spent years building up an impressive silver coin collection with many British coins from The Royal Mint, and other mints around the world. Perhaps you’re an investor who is regularly buying and selling silver coins who is considering selling some more?

  • To begin selling silver coins, browse our silver coin price listings above and find your items. If you’re unable to find your coins listed, please give us a call on 0121 355 0620 or email us on and we can give you a quote. Get in touch with us if you would like to sell silver coins today.

    After establishing the value of your silver coins, download and fill out our Selling Form. Please then send us your form along with your silver coins and give us a call so that we know when to expect your coins.